Introducing the Dixa API

At Dixa, we are convinced that you can grow your brand by providing better customer service. That is why it is so important to make the most out of your conversations with customers.

The Dixa API is built to support delivering the best agent and customer experience, helping you to build out automated workflows and to make smarter decisions by providing you with the right data and action points outside of Dixa.

The Dixa API allows you to customize and integrate with your personal Dixa account.

Dixa API as a replacement for the Integrations API

We have started the deprecation period for Integrations API. Dixa API has reached full backwards compatibility. Integrations API will remain available until January 2024. Read the migration guide to start using the Dixa API. Please reach out if you need support migrating your integration to Dixa API.


In order to access the Dixa API, you need to create a new API token, specifically for this API (read more on How to create an API token tutorial).