Misuse & Abuse of Dixa API

To guarantee the highest security standards, we consider it our utmost priority to inform about and prevent any sort of misuse or abuse of our Dixa API.

All Dixa API endpoints are rate limited and exceeding the rate limit is not considered misuse. You can read more about our rate limiting on API Standards & Rules.

Dixa holds the right to change rate limit values and API vulnerabilities to secure against misuse. We also hold the right to revoke access to any and all parts of our API if misuse of the Dixa API is suspected. This is to protect the Dixa API and the entirety of the Dixa platform against misuse.

If misuse is identified from a specific API token, we will reach out to the creator by email, informing of the misuse and suggesting paths to secure the offending integration.

Examples of misuse include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Attempting to use functionality or endpoints not documented in the Dixa API or any other external APIs
  • Using vulnerabilities in the Dixa API to get access to unintended functionality
  • Overloading API endpoints by both obscene size of payloads or frequency of requests